We have worked with companies from a variety of different industries including: automotive, for profit , hardware, non-profit,
payday advance, retail, real estate, services, shared tenant services, and telecommunications.

Partial list of clients:

United Way of Central Iowa

Iowa Department of Economic Development - "TSB"

Urban Dreams

Nelly's Ville Salon

Aloha European Grocery

Helena Industries

Iowa Medical Classification Center

Iowa Department of Corrections

Corner Cafe

Fat Tuesday

Consumer Credit of Des Moines

Taylor, Holland & Moss

Capital Site Works

Polk County Bank

Felices Suenos

Listen to what our clients are saying:

“Jamel Kirby plans a unique complex with industrial rent to own condos to house various vehicle businesses. The overall concept is to help the small guy get a foothold into the American dream of owning and running his own business.” - J. Boeckman, Des Moines Register (4/1/05)

“This is going further than most landlords would do for their tenets, but he seems to be interested In helping people get started and being successful." - J.Trout, Pearson Van Haughton Law Offices, Des Moines Register (4/1/05)

"I think the idea of bringing smaller business people together who can share equipment such as a hoist-maybe they would not be able to do that in smaller shop - that fits a niche for people who do not need a ton of space. From his standpoint this is a good business investment." - G.Guy, Valley National Bank, Des Moines Register (4/1/05)

"He wants to make sure they succeed so therefore his business succeeds." - D.Ellis, Denman & CO., Des Moines Register (4/1/05)

“Jamel has not only large corporate perspective but also successful entrepreneurial experience. Such well rounded experience was extremely helpful." - J. Albert, Finance

“We appreciate everything Jamel has done for our company in the area of consulting our business to move to the next level …..I feel he is a very honest man and has done everything that he says he will do in a timely and professional manner." - A. Porter, Construction